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"I can feel your paint."

Okay, so, this batch kinda reminds me about how shitty I am at making icons out of anime screencaps. =A= Okay! I'll try harder next time!! *DETERMINATION TO THE EXTREME*

[28] Gintama
[21] Terra e...
[8] Random
3 x Noein
2 x Gyakuten Saiban
1 x Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
1 x Kaiba
1 x Kure-nai

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daft punk ☆ gurl we heart you

"Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates."

[28] One Piece
[10] Noein
[8] Utada Hikaru
[6] Ookiku Furikabutte
[4] Base Ball Bear
[5] Random
3 x Gintama gachapon figures (wtflolyesssss.)
1 x Glamorous Lip

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Exams are over, so expect something from me soon! I've been claiming a few things here and there, so, yep, I'll be trying to finish before the deadline. But for now, it's just credits!

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daft punk ☆ gurl we heart you

Laka laka love.

Icon spamsauce. ;D Posting because asdaaas made me do so. As in, forced me to by holding a water gun to my temple and threatening me with that. She's a bad person, causes stain, so stay away.

Also, egg icon is lulztastic. Despite how strangely creepy it is.

[17] Kingdom Hearts
[07] Lovers and Souls
[04] Airgear
[04] Kagi
[03] Asobi Seksu
[03] Naruto (02 - 03 from akatsuki_awards)

[13] Random:
3 x Miscellaneous
2 x Bleach
2 x Gintama
1 x D.Gray-man
1 x Amatsuki
1 x Welcome to the NHK!!!
1 x Utada Hikaru
1 x Salyu
1 x Nakamura Ataru

List of credits are here.

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