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Graphics. Stuff.

Welcome to utaeru and un_endlich's shared graphics community! :D

We're crazy. Whoooooohoo. But you must also remember that we're awesomesauce, so give us your looooooooooove~!


- Please don't claim as your own stuff. 8D We honestly don't really care what you do with whatever you save from our posts, but claiming as your own is just not nice. 'Kay? 'Kay. Good. <3
- You can credit the graphics either to lakalaka_loev, utaeru or un_endlich, obviously depending on who made it. 8D But we're fine with no credit too! We're not Nazis about that. XD However, the 'eat some cheese' icon must be credited because un_endlich adores it.
- Fanart icons just /might/ pop up anytime. However, we'll always credit, and we'll try and get permission first. Doujinshi icons, however, will probably be around sometimes.
- Please don't speak of eating eggs. You'll scare our default icon away 8D
- Please don't hotlink~ We've no idea why you would want to hotlink our icons and stuff, but you'd be eating up our bandwidth, so please don't. :(


utaeru (formerly known as asdaaas) is a self-proclaimed lunatic with too many things to do and yet too much time on her hands. Yes, that is a contradiction; she does not care. Obviously. She procrastinates about all kinds of rubbish, snaps at people when she's hungry or tired, and can go from hyper to emo in 0.72 seconds flat. She also loves caek a lot, so if you made her angry, offer her caek and she'll gladly forgive you. She has a bit of an obsession with Sadaharu from Gintama (yes, the gigantic dog) and loves music. Music is life for her. LIFE. Also, she loves yaoi, yuri, AND het. Beat that. the GazettE and YUI fangirl extraordinaire, listens to mostly Jrock. Yay!?


un_endlich, formerly known as teh_acedia, is a nutcake. A very nutty nutcake. She's vertically challenged and likes to sing 'purupuru rin' at random times and talks in a very disturbingly cute voice occasionally. She has sworn to talk forever in a cute voice if she learns to speak Japanese. She's just a little bit psycho at times, doesn't give a damn about stuff at times, and is disturbingly responsible otherwise. Yeah, she's weird too. We're all weird here. If you're looking at our profiles and you don't think we're weird, then you must be weird too! She's a rabid fan of Mushishi and Welcome to the NHK. She's also an egg in disguise.


Userinfo codes by un_endlich. Wonderful layout coding by malionette at fruitstyle, new banner and edits by utaeru. Default community icon (eggs!!) by un_endlich.